Business Mentoring

Traditional executive development programs and business consulting firms focus on one-time training workshops or leadership development retreats. Vistage takes another multi-pronged approach, by combining advice from trusted peers, one-to-one executive coaching and outside expertise from resource speakers and workshop leaders. This, combined with the connection to over 19,000 Vistage members worldwide, gives each member multiple viewpoints and fresh thinking to bring to bear on their businesses.

Our members bring a rich diversity of experience to the table and apply their knowledge and creativity to helping each other overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Each monthly meeting is designed to help members help each other work on their most important business issues and improve their lives.

A group leader (the Vistage Chair) facilitates every Vistage meeting. The role of a Vistage Chair is to ensure that every bit of members’ experience and expertise is applied. Vistage New Mexico Chairs have lived through the day-to-day complexities of being at the top. Our experience places us in a unique position to make a substantial contribution to the lives of other businesses in our state as mentors. We are drawn to Vistage by the opportunity to give back, and to make a positive impact to New Mexico and beyond.

Through our peer advisory, business mentoring and corporate coaching programs – all led by Vistage Chairs – our members learn how to bring about positive change within their companies, as well as improve their lives and the lives of their families and employees.